Proposal for OWS Legal Support And Commissary Funds For Detained Comrades

Proposal for OWS Legal Support And Commissary Funds For Detained Comrades

The proposal pertains to Ellis Roberts/Robert Nilon a day one Occupier, a co-host and co-producer on the Occupy Wall Street Radio Show on WBAI and a huge voice and advocate of OWS ~and ensuring that there is legal support and funding provided for his commissary by OWS ~and that OWS commissary and legal support become protocol if Comrades are detained in the future.

Ellis has been in police custody since January 28th and held in Rikers since January 31st where he remains to this day. As the first Occupier to be detained and kept in Rikers he has received ZERO support from OWS and that cannot stand as it is a duty to protect and support our Comrades.

Stating that there is a freeze on OWS funds and the $100,000.00 bail fund is for bail and the $15,000 emergency jail fund does not qualify as a source for OWS to help with Ellisz commissary fund; OWS has left Ellis with zero support.

~Ensuring commissary funds while detained will enable our Comrades to buy food, supplies and make phone calls at $5.00+ for out of state phone calls.

I would like to ensure OWS maintains the highest principles of camaraderie, honor, integrity, brotherhood and solidarity by making protocol the provision of his and future comrades commissaries and ensuring his/their legal protection, safety and well being while detained.



Proposal by : Faith Laugier

~Day 1 Occupier, Co-Host/Co-Producer of the OWS Radio Show on WBAI, member of Class War and an OWS Comrade.

**Please place on agenda for time equivalent of after 7:30pm. Radio show ends at 7pm. Thank you. xx

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