Occupy the Pipeline Funding Request

Occupy the Pipeline is seeking budget approval for our ongoing Direct Action Campaign to Shut down the Spectra Pipeline. Spectra Energy is starting construction this week to build a pipeline to bring fracked gas into NYC. This project is being funded by Chase, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo among other big banks. Bloomberg is also a major supporter of this pipeline which puts All NYC residents in danger and would create more demand for Hydro Fracking to take place in New York State. Two major saftey concerns with this pipeline are: Radon Gas, which will be pumped into the homes of NYC residents along with the Fracked Gas at 100 times the acceptable level. Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer as declared by the US Surgeon General. 2. Spectra Energy has a bad track record for pipeline safety and it could explode. The pipeline is being constructed under residential, recreational and business areas, including schools, a hospital, the Holland Tunnel, Hudson Park Greenway and children’s playgrounds.

Long time members of Occupy Wall Street Working Groups: OWS Environmental Solidarity, Arts & Culture, Direct Action, DAP, OWS Music Group (Guitarmy) and the OWS Puppet Guild are collaborating with other grassroots organizations on this Direct Action Campaign. So far, we lack any funding whatsoever to purchase needed art supplies and to cover basic printing costs for outreach.

We have been spending money out of our own pockets to create messaging and visually arresting imagery to spread public awareness around this imminent public safety issue affecting all residents of NYC and the greater NYS area as well as the entire Nation. This is not sustainable at this very crucial time.

Our campaign is ramping up in the upcoming weeks in response to the construction that has already begun in the West Village. We are also joining with the S17 weekend events for the one year anniversary.

We are asking for an initial budget of $2000 to cover past and future actions. All receipts will be given prior to accepting the budgetary contribution from OWS to support this extremely important direct action campaign.



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