FA Team: Sean McK & Katherine F
Stack: Revolution
Vibe: Sparrow
Livestream: Michael
Minutes: Justin SD

GA Begun at 7:30 PM
Team Introduced & Consented upon
Sparrow steps up & replaces Michael (For Balanced Gender)
Direct Democracy Intro by Sean
Agenda Discussion
Call for $ WG Members in assembly
No Accounting WG Members at assembly
Discussion about inability to hear $ Proposals due to Spending Freeze Lifting Amendment from last week
Report Backs:
Occupy British Consulate reportback #assangenyc
Occupy the Pipeline Reportback & info on gas pipeline background.
#OccupyThePipeline Reportback on press & direct action in West Village.

Music Group Guitarmy #s13 #s15 #s16 & #s17 actions Reportbacks.
#S17 Planning Group Reportback. Monday training at Liberty Plaza 6PM.
Occupy All Streets report back on #OWS Public Access TV.
DNC Reportback from Stacey.
Labor Day march Reportback
Mention of occupiers stuck in Charlotte NC.
Act Up Town Hall meeting at Jusdon Church 6:30 PM re #S17 mass arrest
Occu Evolve report back. #S17 Occupy the subway action.
Governor Island #OWS saturday photo show up through end of sept
Hot & Crusty report back.

Rami proposes Emergency Proposal to lift requirement for this GA only
Discussion of Definition of Emergency Proposal Guidelines
PROPOSAL: Lift Accounting WG Member in attendance requirement for this evening’s proposal.
Clarifying Questions, Concerns. No friendly Amendments.
Test to move to consensus on Emergency Proposal

Wandering Zuccottii proposals being heard by Rami
Concerns being heard about #DNC & Wandering Zuccottiis
Discusses concerns for ID & bus tickets
Suggestion of adding $10 per occupier for food to proposal.
Friendly Amendments to Wandering Zuccottiis
Moving towards consensus on Wandering Zuccottii’s DNC rescue.
PROPOSAL: To pay for 11 tickets for the NYC Occupiers who attended the DNV & RNC. In addition $20 for gas & $10 per person

Occupy the Pipeline proposal presentation by Lopi
Clarifying Questions on Occupy The Pipeline.
Explanation of tactics of Occupy the pipeline.
Clarifying question about outreach efforts & coalition building.
Clarifying question about reimbursement of funds already spent by Occupy the Pipeline.
Clarifying question about direct dialog with employees at Occupy The Pipeline.
Clarifying question on expansion of Occupy The Pipeline future.
Clarifying Question on reimbursement & autonomous action
Dicussion of other groups involved with Occupy The Pipeline.
Concerns regarding Occupy The Pipeline.
Concerns about future expenditures on Occupy The Pipeline.
Concern regarding limited funds & importance of Occupy The Pipeline.
Concern regarding mutual aid regarding Occupy The Pipeline.
60 Wall Street Closes at 9:30 PM group consents to move to Liberty Plaza & begin at 9:45 PM

#NYCGA Moves to Liberty Plaza sort of.
Across the street from park under overhang.
Discussion about sidewalk laws
Team mic checks & arranges people

Occupy The Pipeline Restates proposal
Test to move to consensus. Mostly Good Temp Check- moving to consensus

Concerns & Friendly Amendments
6 Blocks at First Call
Discussion of Blocks: Moral & Ethical Concerns
Discussion of group ability to remove blocks- They cannot
#POI: Assembly does not & cannot remove individual blocks
Explanation of Speaking to one’s block & potential FA that would lift
Several Blocks are spoken to & dropped as Occupy Pipeline explains details
Block regarding use of Spreadsheet & Security Culture
Long Discussion about Transparency
FA: Group will Post Expenditures on their blog, make available as spreadsheet & tweet weekly
FA: Promise of mutual aid to #OWS & #OccupyTrinity
Occupy The Pipeline Restates proposal w FA’s

#S15 Direct Democracy & The Tools of Process of #NYCGA Proposal Presentation by Justin

Proposal: For the #NYCGA on #S15 at Liberty Plaza at 7 PM to be allowed to create non financial proposals to be consented upon the same evening suspending the 24 Hour proposal requirement.
Fac WG has the illusion of too much power, idea is to create proposals to have community consent formally on tools of Direct Democracy
Clarifying Questions: For just #S15 right? Answer: Yes
Test to move to consensus- Good
Clarifying Questions, None, Concerns None, FA’s None.


Trinity Sleeps Heart Project, Queering OWS & #S17 AG Meetings, Next GAs

Assembly ends

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