NYCGA Minutes 3/8/2012

Facilitators: Corey, Lady

Stack Taker: Isaac

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Minutes: Lauren


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Brookfield is messing with us tonight, they are going to leave and abandoned bag assuming we are going to steal it if you see any property that is not yours don’t take it. This is very important. Thank you.

Camile: tomorrow we are having a very awesome training film screening and panel discussion on political repression at 5 a Judson church also a number of people arrested today if you are interested in doing jail support tomorrow this is the phone number: (774) 257-4697 or (774) js4-ows

I am trying to put together a protest against Monsanto at the district court house 500 pearl street where a us federal judge threw out the case of 300000 organic farmers against Monsanto if anybody wants to protest Monsanto Monday at 2pm. Go talk to her!

Working group Reportbacks:

The NLG wanted me to let everybody know that john baker is going to get a jury trial tomorrow for occupying central park, it was part of a political action at central booking 100 center street 9:30 tomorrow

I am from the worker co op working group had come to the GA asking for 6,000 to start a co-op. the finance group said we are not giving you the money finance said they messed up. The money is going to go to 2 expenses the rest is going into seed money for a co-op alliance. We are going to collect the 6,000 and we want to do that transparently feel free to comment on this or tell us that we want you to wait. My name is Chepe

Proposal: Alternative Transportation Discussion, proposal will be at Spokes Council tomorrow (3/8)

Proposal: One action GA per week and 2 for process GA’s per week, tabled by GA

Proposal: Discussion on further fixing up accounting

Proposal: Alterative transportation (20 minutes) Starting at 7:42Conversation about using alternative forms of transportation, if we wanted to fund enough bikes to replace metrocards it would be 21,000.00 at a minimum it would be 8,000. This included bikes, locks, lights, helmets and storage

Do you have a place to keep the bikes?

Do you need money for tools?

Tools and storage are part of the budget for the bikes

Have you thought about insurance?

We thought about it but its not factored in.

I want to support people who don’t feel safe

Do you know how many people would prefer to ride a bike?


FA: The bike coalition and team up with the workers co-op


FA: Outreach to the working groups and start reaching out on craigslist for extra bikes, so we can still get metrocards as we transition from one form of transition to another

We have been doing that

I will bring this to the spokes council tomorrow

Proposal: One action GA per week and 2 for process GA’s per week

FA, from the proposer: please keep in mind that people are here for the American spring its why I am here. We need to protest.

FA: we can continue to discuss actions at any time but take the frist hour of every Tuesday

Dedicate the 1st hour of every Thursday to actionn

Standadies: 23

Block: I don’t want to show up on Wednesday and be told we already discussed this on Tuesday. I don’t want this to limit conversation about actions

Ill remove my block if we agree not to limit DA talk to one day or one day a week

Recount of standasides: 22

As you currently worded it this does nothing, if there is no DA then

5 blocks

1: the ethical concerns is that we are making the g ant a ga

PoP: 4 blocks and 22 standasides

2: if this many people are blocking or standing aside,

This proposal is tabled due to the standasides and blocks,

F: can I get a temp check on tabling this proposal: positive, this proposal is tabled.

People’s library is opening and we need paint to paint the walls, please donate paint or money for paint.

Proposal: Move the rest of the money that is currently in our fund to the bail fund, this would take effect one week from today (3/8)

89,002.00 bail

~30,000-40,000 and we have been spending about 15,000 week

Money that is in the account now or donations as well,

I would prefer to deal with the current amount of money

FA: lets try and control ourselves and avoid arrests if possible

I cant accept that bc its not up to me

FA: any money that comes in remains frozen until we have a movement wide budget inline with the spending freeze that passed in January, any money that comes in is frozen we don’t spend it on anything until we have a budget so we have to deal with our issues

Temperature Check on this FA: mostly negative

The start date if we are to agree to move the omney it would start a week from today, and this only applies to money in the general fund now

Standasides: 2

Blocks: 6

One block lifter after FA: educate on how to avoid unnecessary arrest

Now 5 blocks, temp check on modified consensus: mostly positive we are going to move forward

11 for 15 against

Proposal: Discussion on further fixing up finance, Steve who spends the night in Zucotti in the park

  1. all the working groups out west can raise money, we have been constrained from doing that, but now it seems like we can, there still needs to be some things done, to have transparency
  2. we needs scans of the receipts and vouchers
  3. its all up to us to get money

Open accounting meeting Saturdays at 6 at 60 wall, we are in the process of making those receipts tangible online

  1. we have to clean up the old books, but we need to make a new procedure and follow that,
  2. We have to have rotating staff, it sounds like that has been addressed but we need a schedule and a limit
  3. Capping the amount to donate, say 2,000.00
  4. We need to set up a template for fundraising and principles that working groups need to follow in regards to fundraising
  5. Potentially work with fire dog lake

Chaulkuppiers are still in central booking and will be arraigned soon lets go over there

I am so glad to hear to that announcement we also need jail support tomorrow

I’ve decided to write a proposal to buy a lot of Oreos rent 5 ponies and buy a lot

Know your rights training



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