NYCGA Minutes 3/27/2012

NYCGA 3/27/2012

Location: Atrium at 60 Wall Street

Co-Facilitators: Josh, Yoni

Stack: Katherine



Minutes: Lauren

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Announcements and Working Group Reportbacks

This Friday, 7-8pm Union Square there will be a vigil for the disabled community to honor those in our community who have been murdered by family members and caretakers. These murders go unanswered. 7-8pm by the statue of Gandhi

My coalition had a meeting today that was awesome. We are actively figuring out how to have bikes that are accessible and maintained provided as an option to other forms of transportation such as the subway.

Union Square Thursday morning at 9am we are going to have a coordinators meeting over breakfast everyone should be there

Yesterday there was a community dialogue meeting we have gotten to a place where we focused on things we can do and things we can perform one of which was looking at the GA, which is not well attended, also skill share, spokes council, very good and populated, more than here, the next one is going to happen on Monday 7pm, 220 East 23rd.

Grand Hyatt Thursday 5:30 against congressman Crowley

Thursday at 3pm we will be teaching bike safety class

Thursday at 6pm I would like to start a discussion on a new form of spokes council it will be at Union Square at 6pm, brief discussion.

Tomorrow at 5am there will be a van leaving to new haven as they may be evicted tomorrow you can also go through metro north, not much more than a 24 hour trip in the van.

Proposal: DA Painters: I made DA poster, was going to ask for 1,000.00 but raised the money separately to print 1,200 copies 2ft square, skill share on we paste etiquette, then we will distribute occupy Oakland will be using these posters. I have a concern about the budget, we would be wise to set aside money for printing for May Day. Thank you.

Proposal: In a sense an EMT proposal, to move GA To Union Square this fall all the energy was flowing into Liberty Park, now we are in this place, 60 wall, now there are many people in Union Square. I am proposing we move our GA’s to Union Square so we can heal GA and harness the energy that is inclusive of the whole movement. Temperature Check on if this is an EMT proposal, temp check mixed but mostly negative.

Proposal: Breakouts to discuss Financial Transparency

Minutes was not able to catch all of the reportbacks, they are at the start of the second recording for this GA

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