NYCGA Minutes 2/7/2012

Link to the Audio Recording

Location: 60 Wall Street, Moved to Zuccotti around 9:35

Facilitators: Alia, Anthony

Stack: Nick

Time Keeper: Sage

Minutes: Lauren

Working Group Report Backs: Direct Action, Facilitation, Aaron from Think Tank, Information, Bless, Kitchen, Accounting

Proposal #1: Anarchism Caucus Formation Proposal, Tabled with the FA to hold a teach-in before returning to the GA

Proposal #2: Occupalooza August 18th 2012, Consensus

Proposal #3: Proposal for OWS Legal Support And Commissary Funds For Detained Comrades, Passed through modified consensus (16 in favor, 1 against) with FA’s: 1.The commissary would end if the person is convicted of non-OWS crime 2. Commissary doesn’t being until 7 days after incarceration 3. The money comes from bail fund

Announcements: Anthony

Working group report backs

DA: Chris, first the May Day language that DA has consented on big spring kick off will come before GA a week from today, next Tuesday. We would love consensus on making it a national call. We will be discussing that at GA next Tuesday. Also, DA is working on creating a focused calendar of escalation leading up to May Day. The first action is February 29th Portland has but out a national call to shut down the corporations. Action spokes this Sunday, 16 Beever 12-4. The final thing is working on securing a space to host a broad movement wide many hour long open conversation about diversity of tactics, solidarity, and hoping to have it Friday evening we will come back to GA and spokes. Look for information on that open dialogue.

Facilitation we have been working hard to secure spaces for spokes council for the long term starting tomorrow sc for 8 weeks on Wednesdays will be at the Brooklyn Quaker meeting house. 110 Schimerhorn

Aaron form Think Tank: First on e Monday at 60 Wall Street on diversity of tactics, we will continue it for many weeks. Thursday at the Yes Lab 20 Cooper Square Bill Ayers will be speaking open to everyone go and check it out.

Information: Justin occupy office closed this week if you go to infohub working group all the ways to get your information out are listed Thursday we are having an important meeting. We are talking about separating com hub and information separating. The culture of the groups did not mix well. Please come to the organizational meeting on Thursday

Bless: with jubilations comes problems…what ever you do, do it smartly and know there will be pain behind it.

Kitchen: we continue to operate out of East New York we designed a volunteer roster, monthly basis implement this in the next week find it online.

Accounting: We have some concerns, Four concerns, if you have taken money form or put your name down listen up. 1. Over the weekend a document was published on Google and on nycga that basically put anyone from Oct-December names and phone numbers online, it was hacked accounting puts expenditures online we respect privacy, we don’t post peoples names or phone numbers someone got a copy of our internal logs. Daryl then posted all of that to its been taken down. Another one without the numbers is still online.

Three other also copies of our bank statement online, we ring this up because on February 2nd 1000.00 was tried to take out to cash. The money was never actually taken out.

One more thing and individual by the name of Janet trying to gain access to the money we are not comfortable with this and we wanted to let everyone know that people are taking it up themselves to take out money. We wanted to make sure that community was aware of the breeches of the security that we have built. Your phone numbers and your names are not transparent unless you make them

Response from Daryl:

Contact information I notice great graphs and view of accounting making it easy to see where the money. The bank account statements yes. The answers you get when you talk to accounting, Who ever does your books I would recommend…the IRS will audit you. He sounded worried and that he did not want to deal with it. It also told me we spent 250,000 for the month of December. I had reason to go look and I don’t apologize for any of that.


Anthony: If this decision becomes controversial and something that becomes a problem moving forward I will take responsibility for this action I am doing this on principle because I am representing the process.

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