Movement Monday Meeting Minutes

This past Monday a group of about 45 Occupy organizers from many areas of the movement met. This meeting is coming off the success of the #S17 action. Participants wanted to continue organizing. The shape and structure of the meeting have been shaped over the past four weeks by an empowered breakout group. More information on the current state of the meeting style and organization can be found here: Feel free to leave comments on the “discussion page”.

There is a meeting at the same time and location next week. More info here:

One major part of the meeting was Calendar building. Currently we only have pictures, but hope someone will step up and do a better process.

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The full meeting Transcript is below:

::: Movement Monday Meeting :::
Monday 10.15.12

starts with calender from 630-7p.

7p Meeting starts with announcement about Letter Writing station for the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury resisters.
Meeting is facilitated by Sundrop, Drew.
Sundrop is introducing new-ish structure for this meeting. Feedback will be taken and future structures will be improved based on that. POI, if you want to get involved with the structure, talk to sundrop. Drew is talking about proposal.

Structure :

630-7p calender building for events, projects, actions
7-8p Intro, adaptive workspace (breakouts around agendas, projects)
8p Roundbacks. Kind of like reportbacks but presented in a visioning format.
Facilitation feedback
Needs and offerings.

705p Starting now with intros, only those who are new and feel a need to introduce themselves.

Drew is introducing hand signals.
About to go into breakouts.
Reportback from Mutant Legal. 38K in general fund (as of sep 17), that will be used for legal fees and bail. There is a spending freeze so that money won’t be used until there is community buy in in a decision.

Breakout groups :

1. Election related actions (#N6?)
2. Movement building (visioning)
3. Discussion around community (solidarity) actions
(“Not really a breakout” breakout) Best practices / skill sharing on how to organize, bottom line an action.
Roundback explanation from Stan. More than reportbacks. Express your needs, collaboration with other groups.

7:30p Break out !

8:33p Roundbacks (breakout groups will present goals, needs, what are they working on)
Sundrop is now talking about the fabulous calender which is full of events.

Roundbacks :

1. Have an Popular Assembly on election day in local neighborhoods to show how real, direct democracy looks like. May collaborate with Occupy Town Sq. Work with Occupy Halloween. Faux newspapers. Day after the election will be Day 1, a day when democracy really begins. Raise awareness at the offices of the candidate who wins. Thur 730p Puppetry Guild at 20 Jay St, Dumbo (brooklyn) (?) Interoccupy call will take place. Need web support. and sign up for #N6 list.
2. Movement building. Visioning, planning, coordinating. Communication/Tech Structure. Coordination of events, actions, campaigns. Long term local  community building. OWS local, national, international solidarity networks  Occupy reflection: definitions, sustainability  roles. Groups for next time. Contact list update. Contact exploration. Other goals : having a meeting dedicated to occupy reflection. another dedicated to all the above. Needs ? If you know active movement comrades, invite them to Movement Monday meetings. Offer for assistance. Drew will demo Occupy Wiki for an info dumping ground. Will take suggestions on what to do with NYCGA. Stan offers small printing jobs. Stan works for OSA. Bring old comrades back into Occupy. Suck ‘em back in ! Sundrop is encouraging everybody to continue using calender so we can blast all current, future projects.
OccuEvolve (Sumumba) has expressed the need for more people to join ongoing community actions.
Stan needs folks who are suffering from trauma, to get involved in peer-to-peer counseling Wed 7-9p Icarus Project right here at OSA.
Justin from OccupyTrinity and Homeless Working Group is expressing that there is a need for clothes, support at OccupyTrinity. Please stop by OccupyTrinity.
Ethan is reporting from Arc38. Healing camp. Oct 27,28. Please participate.
We don’t have a very good system for international coordination. InterOccupy is working on bridging this gap to better coordinate with global movements. Next call hasn’t been announced yet. Come see Tammy.
Action Resource Fund (ARF) report back from Daniele. There will be a report from S17. Shifting model from funding actions to funding projects. There will be a survey to see what Occupy wants to fund. Launch = mid December.
Sundrop is announcing that there will be a feedback section in the end. Please continue adding your events to the calender.
If you are on public assistance and are required to work for it, see Ian. Fighting unpaid work is modern day slavery. contact
Matt from Occupy Union Square. Drop off your action/project flyers at Occupy Union Square, where there is food available every day as well. They can do outreach for you. Occupy Trinity will do this as well.
Adam from OWS Trade Justice. Working on Trans Pacific Partnership. Obama is creating a more extreme version of the WTO. There will be a series of teach ins. First two will be overviews. TPP will destroy environment. will make it illegal to regulate Wall St. This is a total coroporate attack. Would like to cooperate with other WGs. Tomorrow there is a trip to Hoffstra.

::: End of official meeting time ::::

Feedback on meeting at this point.

Dana is taking stack.
Let’s start planning at these meetings.
Start at the time advertised.
Have break outs around specific groups, like legal.
Decide whether groups who want to work on an action meet here or elsewhere.
Have certain monday meetings dedicated to certain topics.
Community agreements should be read at the beginning of meetings.
There should have been a reportback from actions like #13O and today’s Occupy the Pipeline action.
Breakouts self facilitating doesn’t always work. So some structure.
Concern is that this meeting doesn’t do exactly what the Popular Assembly is doing.
There should be a one year debrief.
Monitor how much each person is participating to encourage step up step back, anti-oppressive method to improve flow.
Sundrop is now presenting an explanation of today’s structure. Next week, there may be an offer to facilitate break out groups.
Announcements and report backs from actions should really be a part of the meeting structure.
I have to disagree with point about not selling events — just doing announcements. When you do that it’s full of jargon, alienating, people get overwhelmed.
If you want to get involved, things to make better, please get in touch. We’ll be meeting again before next meeting. Or meeting before.

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