Formation of the Occupy Bank Working Group

We would like to request to have ratification of our Working Group status placed on the agenda for tomorrow’s GA.

The Occupy Bank is a sub-group of the existing Alternative Banking Working Group, facilitated by Cathy O’Neill. We have been working since early October on conceiving and establishing a democratic, transparent financial institution for the 99% that would be plausibly competitive with the existing banking system, with the long term goal of replacing the current banking system altogether.

We work closely with the Alternative Banking Working group, but the Occupy Bank group wishes to be recognized as a formally separate working group so that it is easier to publicize our meetings on the NYCGA website. Many people are interested in our work, but have to go indirectly through the Alternative Banking Working Group first.

We meet at 7:00 PM every Wednesday either at 45 East 20th street, or at 9 Bleecker Street, depending on availability. With a central NYCGA website, we will be able to publicize information like this more easily for interested participants.

We have made serious concrete progress over the last six months and believe that recognition as a separate working group will help us in our mission to create a new institution to replace the existing banking system for the 99%.

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