Formation of the Meeting of the Minds WG

Meeting of the minds 2

Is a group intend to create mass action with in OWS.Meeting of the minds encourage groups to agree so OWS can move forward on a larger scale.Meeting of the mind objective is to have mass action push through GA to direct action at least ones a month.


Reason for meeting of the minds

There are people that don’t get along and at GA a lot of good ideas are block for this reason.I feel it’s good to have different opinions and debates that how everyone get a say ,I don’t want to take that away from GA.I also feel sometime the fighting and different opinion can bring the process of the movement to a complete stop.Meeting of the mind will serves as a mechanism to insure that this will not happen.Even if people can’t get along the super group will still be moving on a large scale.


I need people to come to saturday GA to make sure it pass.I would also like people to go the web site to look at a live stream of the GA that took place on the 10th of March and the 25th of february.that way you can know what i want.


Meeting date on March 31 Saturday 2:00

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