Endorsement of A24 – Occupy the Justice Department

Proposal for Occupy Endorsement of April 24 Action: Occupy the Justice DepartmentProposal for General Assembly on Tuesday, March 13.

Contact person: Stuart Leonard

Working group: Political Action and ImpactThe Political Action and Impact working group of NYCGA, in conjunction with event organizers, Johanna Fernandez, Heidi Boghosian, Frances Goldin and Greg Ruggiero, propose that OWS accept, endorse and help organize and promote a mass nonviolent civil disobedience action, cultural program, and protest on April 24, 2012 in Washington DC outside the U.S. Justice Department, in order to demand that real justice be practiced in this country. Other occupations and supporting groups are all ready involved in this action.

We call for:
justice without bias for residency status, political affiliation, gender, sexuality, age, race, class, income or employment status,
justice that obeys the international standards of human rights,
justice without mass incarceration,
justice without capital punishment,
justice that protects the poor,
justice that defends the immigrant,
justice that protects the child,
justice that forbids the wealthy to buy their way out,
justice that protects and defends Earth,
justice that says no to war,
justice that practices equality,
justice that listens and responds to the people,
justice that defends and advances free speech, freedom to assemble, and the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence, including the people’s right to alter or abolish government when it no longer serves our ability to secure our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Messages and goals of the action include:

  1. That the United States Justice Dept. act on the massive public call for a civil rights investigation into the gross misconduct and violation of rights perpetrated against Abu-Jamal and documented in detail by Amnesty International. Thousands sent letters and signed petitions urging the Justice Dept. of Eric Holder and Barack Obama act to conduct an investigation. Our message is rooted in the vision that conducting an investigation will lead to a retrial; retrial will lead to Abu-Jamal’s freedom.
  2. That political bodies, law enforcement, intelligence and Homeland Security stop the repression, stop infiltration and stop surveillance of the Occupy movement. Stop mass arrests, brutality, use of chemical agents and projectiles, and bruising use of plastic handcuffs against protestors.
  3. End Mass Incarceration
  4. Jobs, Education, and Health Care. Not Jails!
  5. Hands OFF Immigrants
  6. End Solitary Confinement and Torture
  7. End the racist Death Penalty
  8. Free Bradley Manning and All Political Prisoners


Our goal: organize massive non-violent civil disobedience and mass arrests.

In furtherance of these goals, we seek :

1) Solidarity for A24

2) Support to make a national call to local Occupations to assist in organizing by enlisting individuals, cells (5) and brigades (10 or more) willing to enter a pledge to commit non-violent civil disobedience on April 24. (Efforts to arrange a bus trip for the action are underway)

3) Endorse and support the call for coordinated national teach ins, leading up to A24, to educate on issues of Occupy and justice in general, and on non-violent civil disobedience training in particular.

4) Media group’s support to help create video PSAs in the service of organizing outreach.


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