Creation of the Meeting of the Minds Working Group

Meeting of the minds.
Is a group intened to create mass action with in OWS.Meet ing of the
minds encourage groups to agree so OWS can move forward on a larger
scale.Meeting of the mind objective is to have mass action push though
GA,to spokes counsel,to direct action at least ones a month. First
agenda is to make meeting of the minds a group. Second agenda is to
move this plan in to action- start feeding the poor on the train get
on camera (just give them sandwich and juice) and have our people wear
the OWS shirt with the web site on it.Get some good musician and have
them play for money wearing the OWS shirt. Make poster tittle goals in
bold letter put ten issues that people can relate to like more jobs
and better schools ,and put the poster all over the city.Get everyone
on that day to call a radio station every hour and talk about OWS.

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