Banker = #OccupyWallStreet | News Conference By The President | 10/06/2011

October 6,2011
Washington DC
The White House
News Conference by the President

Banker = #OccupyWallStreet

In the Questions portion of President Obama’s news conference, October 6,2011,the question of #OccupyWallStreet came up. It can be construed that President Obama is putting the blame on the Bankers, for not following the ‘old-fashioned American values’, and ‘rules’, and that they were the cause of the current financial problems.

Below is the verbiage of the question, posed to the President, as released from the White House:

Jackie…Question: “Do you think Occupy Wall Street has the potential to be a tea party movement in 2012?”

Barack Obama: “What I think is that the American people understand that not everybody has been following the rules; that Wall Street is an example of that; that folks who are working hard every single day, getting up, going to the job, loyal to their companies, that that used to be the essence of the American Dream. That’s how you got ahead — the old-fashioned way. And these days, a lot of folks who are doing the right thing aren’t rewarded, and a lot of folks who aren’t doing the right thing are rewarded.”

“And that’s going to express itself politically in 2012 and beyond until people feel like once again we’re getting back to some old-fashioned American values in which, if you’re a banker, then you are making your money by making prudent loans to businesses and individuals to build plants and equipment and hire workers that are creating goods and products that are building the economy and benefitting everybody.”


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