Ban Robert (Town Planning, etc) from Spokes Council Meetings

ON MONDAY FEB. 13, 2012 @ RIVERSIDE CHURCH NY NY, during a Spokes Council meeting, Robert while presenting a proposal subjected the Occupy community as a whole to a vicious and violent act of intimidation.

By aggressively approaching a female Spoke from behind, with a metal chair raised in the air (higher than 6 ft.)……abruptly stopping inches away from her person and swiftly slamming the chair down within inches of her body/back.

He proceeded to moved quickly away, yelling to Sean McKeown….”LET”S GET OUT OF HERE”.

THE QUESTION WITHIN OWS: still remains what constitute violence within our movement.

WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE, as an individual or a community, and what measures should we take to confront all types of intimidation, abuse, and violence.

CONCLUSION: His actions were a wake up call to the OWS community that anyone can be menaced when attending OWS functions (male or female) with anything (as a weapon).

More importantly, his actions showed great disrespect for our host, Riverside Church and their Dept. of Mission and Social Justice. Actions which crossed all lines of decency and disparged the solidarity extented to the Movement, by their faith-based community.

We are facing serious challenges: Whether Occupy Wall Street can truly be considered a non-violent, people-powered, social justice movement.


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