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A1 action proposal:

April 1, 2012 marks the 6 month anniversary of the march across the Brooklyn Bridge, marked by the arrest of 700 Occupiers on the Brooklyn bound roadway.

This march became a key moment in Occupy history, not only because of the arrests themselves, but as a result of the overwhelming moral, spiritual, political and material support that poured in from all over the planet as a direct result of this action.

On that memorable day, those of us who made it to the Brooklyn side of the bridge quickly convened a meeting in Cadman Plaza park to talk about how the march and the arrests made us feel, and to determine whether to continue the march and how to proceed. We came to a decision to march back to Manhattan over the Manhattan Bridge and return to Liberty Plaza. As we marched back to Manhattan in a light drizzle, even a few community affairs officers from the NYPD were spotted chanting along with us (with their heads down so the commanding officers wouldn’t see, of course). The atmosphere of positivity and unity was truly that powerful, that beautiful.

To commemorate that wondrous moment in the history of our community and the Occupy movement, we propose that twin marches leave from the 1 Hanson Place tower in downtown Brooklyn and from Liberty Plaza at 2:30 PM Sunday April 1st, to meet at Cadman Plaza by 4 PM for an all-city GA, which all GAs in the NYC metropolitan area are invited to participate in.

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