2/9/2012: Formation of Bike Coalition Working Group

Bikes are perhaps the most sustainable and simple form of transportation known to humans. they are simple, sexy, and fun! Why does OWS not have a huge arsenal of lovely lovely bicycles. The benefits of bikes are crazy rad, in fact (insert rad statistic here) isn’t that awesome?!

The purpose of the OWS Bike Coalition will be in three parts
Action (Kickin ass): Providing the valuable tactic of Bike Blocs during marches to protect protesters from police when taking streets and also to scout out police activity, march routes, and march destinations
Community (Taking names): Providing free bike repairs to members of all communities. Also providing free training classes for bike safety, bike repair, and mobile tactics direct action training.
Transportation (Moving those names and asses): The end goal of this working group is to get every Occupier fitted with a working bike in exchange for a couple hours of work trade.

The fulfillment of these purposes will be incredibly beneficial to Occupy Wall Street by setting a clear and sustainable message to the public and to ourselves. We will simultaneously be providing a sustainable and inexpensive form of transportation to keep the Occupation rolling (and hopefully eliminate the need for Metro Cards), providing exercise to out of shape Occupiers, providing safety, security, and information to marches and actions, and providing a valuable service to the community at large.

How to fulfill these purposes:
We need a work space to operate from and store bicycles
Materials: Pumps, patch kits, Allen wrenches etc.
People! Who are good at outreach, social media, bike repair, web design, and direct action
We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday 3pm at Zuccotti Park. Every meeting shall be followed by a bike ride!

Thanks so much

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