2/4/2012: Funding Request from Heather H.

My name is Heather H. and I am relocating to New York City from Chicago to Occupy Wall Street. I am requesting a donation in the amount of $650 for gas and food during a short round trip in the near future. I have cancer and my children are currently in foster care of ACS, children’s social services because my mother reported me to the state of New York opening a case of neglect. I need to gather necessary paperwork in order to obtain services in the state of New York and receive medical care where I am currently registered. I cannot receive medical care I am in desperate need of because I do not have proper identification and medical insurance in NYC and also cannot receive treatment or essential testing until I transfer my medical records and proof of Medicaid benefits to the state of New York. Unfortunately, I am trapped within a stagnant bureaucratic which cares little for my current state of non-well-being. I am unemployed, not communicating with my family and receive no financial support from them. This is an urgent matter and I can obtain the services I need more quickly, get a treatment plan and get on the road to recovery with the help from my OWS community. I humbly request your support and approval of this proposal so I can overcome existing infections and bone cancer so that I can get my twin daughter, Elleigh and Leala, back with me, their one and only parent. I desperately need urgent support, medical attention and to rebuild my family as a healthy person. I cannot fully devote myself to this movement without your support and my health will continue to decline without addressing my needs. I can expedite this process by transferring my records and receiving the care I need with approval of this proposal. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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