2/18/2012: Proposal for M17 Action from Housing

Whereas March 17th is the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in New York City,
We would like to recognize the Irish History of Oppression by the British Empire, and connect this oppression historically with oppression of indigenous and tribal people, the impoverished and working class around the world

Whereas the Great Hunger of 1847 was a direct result of the production and distribution of food and resources that was decided upon by the colonial powers
We recognize our solidarity with this history and the necessity to create awareness of the tremendous pain and suffering and displacement that has been put upon the poor and working class around the world by colonial and imperialist powers

Whereas this type of exploitation and oppression continues to this day via first world/third world relations

We propose a funeral procession on March 17th from Zuccotti Park to the Irish Hunger Memorial to lay to rest hunger and greed and welcome a re-birth of hope as we come into a new season of growing

On Sunday March 18th we are asking our allies in churches, community gardens, and community based organizations from around the city to plant seeds in their communities in recognition of our resilience and determination

We appreciate your consideration
We ask nothing from the GA but approval to move forward with these actions as OWS sanctioned

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