2/11/2012: Call for OWS Mass Action Against Suppression of the Occupy Movement (Travis M.)

Contact Email: dontsuppressows@yahoo.com

This is a proposal for the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street to support A Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement (online at http://www.dontsuppressows.org/ ) AND the day of Mass Action on February 28th , a first step in response to this call organized by the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement that came together around this call. As part of this support individuals and working groups in support of this are encouraged to utilize all their resources to creatively join in answering this call and are invited to come to the ad hoc committee meetings.
This is undertaken with the hope to address the suppression and repression in its many forms, including police violence, media blackout, embedded agents, etc.
February 28th will be a non-violent peaceful protest, aiming to reflect the vision of the call for mass action, quoted below. Specifically, the plan for mass action on Tuesday February 28th beginning in Union Square in New York City is:
4 pm—Gather
5 pm—Rally
6 pm—March
The theme of the rally which may include voices from various legal organizations, unions, working groups, GAs, community groups, people of conscience and cultural performances will be:
Stand with the Occupy Movement!
No Rubber Bullets, No Beatings,
No Tear Gas, No Mass Arrests,
Don’t Suppress OWS!
The ad-hoc committee against the suppression of occupy will make every effort to project a positive message to the media, in particular the message of the day being “Stand with the Occupy Movement” with protesters expressing through signs and posters and their voices, “I support occupy because…” and “I Occupy because…” . The committee will encourage all those who take up the February 28th action to project, through many voices and creative expressions the message of the call for mass action and their support for occupy, positively to the media. General Assemblies and people everywhere around the country will be encouraged to make plans to join in F28.
A Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement, says in part:
“As a first step in the necessary response, there must be a massive
Political mobilization on a day, or days, very soon to say NO! to this
attempt to suppress thought and expression with brutality and
violence. This mobilization should most of all be in New York, where
this movement started… but it should at the same time be powerfully
echoed all around the country and yes, around the world”
“This is a call for massive demonstrations—soon—carried out in public
spaces where they can have maximum impact and exposure and where the
authorities cannot pen in, suppress, and otherwise attempt to
marginalize these demonstrations…”
“These demonstrations must be large enough to show clearly that people
will not tolerate that which is intolerable… that people will not
adjust to that which is so manifestly unjust. Such demonstrations,
along with the efforts to reach out and build them, can draw many more
people from passive sympathy into active support and can awaken and
inspire even millions more who have not yet been reached. Such
demonstrations can powerfully answer the attempt by “the 1%” to crush
and/or derail this broad movement. Thousands and thousands in the
streets, acting together, can seize new initiative and change the
whole political equation. The urgent questions raised by Occupy—and
other urgent questions that have yet to be raised in this movement—can
once more reverberate, and more powerfully than before.
The repression of the Occupy movement must not stand. Act.”
Contact Person: Travis M.

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