Strategy Meeting Notes 1-3-12

Notes from 1-3-12

Our notes in the past have directly accounted who said what when. Today, my notes are more of a summary of our discussions and directions we’ve agreed on. If I get something wrong or leave something out, please make a post to that effect.


In reviewing where we are now in this discussion we mentioned that we might be nearing the point where some of our initiatives need to be formatted into working groups and brought up to GA.


Mark is interested in working on overturning Citizen’s United and working to prevent a war in Iran by raising awareness that a war has to be declared through Congress. He is willing to start a working group to deal with these issues.


The high cost of tuition was discussed with three new student members who would like to get involved in Occupy Campuses. They were able to connect with Sasha as to when the next meeting will occur.


We didn’t advertise very well that the name of our discussion group has changed from Long Term Strategy Discussion to Shared Vision, Strategies, Tactics Discussion which has caused confusion.


Disucssion on Polling

Johnathan reported on what he and David did this week regarding polling. Johnathan met with a professional pollster and financier to work on polling questions and funding. The questions he’s been formulating are based from polling done in the ’60’s as the circumstances between now and then are so similar. 30-40 questions are being formulated and the financier thought it would take several thousand dollars to pull this off. Johnathan thought it might be possible to get a grant. The polling would be via phone or door to door. A sample of 400 should yield statistically significant results.


The ensuing discussion: First see what polling has already taken place (secondary polling), such as the mayor’s mini-polls and research yields of local non-profits’ polling, which Johnahtan agreed to do. It was suggested that during GA Johnathan could go to various working groups to get polling questions.


Discussion about polling yielded these two points:

  1. Everyone’s problem in their own backyard is enormous to them. While working with people on their own issues you can also educate them as how to work on their issues in a way that they become empowered and this helps to broaden their horizons.


  1. All our issues (shared vision) are interrelated. We can help people see the connections among all our issues as we, through our numbers, address them.


Neighborhood Associations

Susie brought a list of St. Louis City and County neighborhood associations. Discussion:

  1. some neighborhood associations are nothing more than corporate or politically sponsored meetings


  1. it might be good to hold town hall meetings


  1. each neighborhood meeting has it’s own agenda and it could take a while before we could speak at some of these meetings


  1. we would want to give a brief description, accompanied with a handout, of Occupy (our consensus model, GA’s, wg), let them ask questions, ask what are the issues that they are working on


Sasha said he would go through the neighborhood associations and determine which were in the city and which were in the county. I believe there was consensus that we should begin in the city.


Mapping the Demographics of St. Louis

Glenn, Will, and Cathy will be creating this map.


Matt took a business course, part of which dealt with how firms interact with activists.

The thrust of this course was how to curtail activists. Matt will be posting their model in this google group.

Sasha pointed out that we’re not activists, we’re revolutionaries and we are not configuring ourselves in the same way this model depicts. He did say that the working groups might be configuring themselves in this manner




OSTL Media Working Group

Discussion of the model Matt brought in along with input from our new member, Rachel, led to a discussion about our media wg. Arianna and Sasha shared how other Occupies handle media. These points were discussed:


  1. We need to trust our media team to bang stuff out without going through 2 GA’s so there can be immediate Press Releases on some issues


  1. There are three types of press releases:
      • Policy–would still require passage of 2 consecutive GA’s
      • Response Statements
      • Basic Information, such as events


  1. We need to continue to develop our own alternative media.


  1. Maybe our media team, which does not seem to be functioning at the moment, needs to be broken into sub-teams.


  1. Does there need to be transparency with the admin group and the rest of OSTL?


  1. Do we need a Spokes Council where working group reps go to bring up proposals and GA’s for overall issues, not specific to working groups? There was some mention of a Spokes Council model that was used when Kiener was occupied. Our current wg meetings before GA’s is kind of a hybrid.



The Time Bank

Arianna reported on a small town (in Iowa?) where the entire town is using the Time Bank model with a buy in of $1.00. Arianna will post this info on our discussion google group.


Some Occupiers stayed after the meeting to help orient a newbie, Rachel, who is interested in doing a teach-in on media as she has worked in MSM.


Next Time

We agreed that next time we would:

  1. Go over the demographics map
  2. Review the secondary data collected
  3. discuss the media working group
  4. discuss neighborhood associations break downs.

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