#OccupySTL | The Sixth Official Statement of the Occupy St Louis General Assembly

Occupy St. Louis issues the following statement of solidarity in response to the police actions taken against various Occupy Movements in the last 48 hours: 1. We specifically condemn all attacks and arrests made by the Boston police force against the persons of Occupy Boston, as well as all attacks and arrests made by any police force against any Occupy Movement. 2. We specifically condemn the destruction of the property of the Boston Occupiers. 3. We stand by our brothers and sisters as they assert their right to assemble peacefully and create a space in which their voices can be heard. 4. We support all occupations within the Occupy Movement in their efforts to maintain and occupy their chosen spaces. 5. We condemn all coordinated actions made against any occupation within the Occupy Movement. 6. We condemn all media bans of Occupy Movements worldwide. 7. We specifically support the cooperative spirit of the Mayor of Seattle in his requests to the Seattle police force to pull back from its actions against the Seattle Occupiers. 8. We specifically condemn the breakdown in cooperation between the Mayor of Seattle and the Seattle police force, primarily because of its potential to facilitate violent police action. 9. We wish to express our support for the continued, collaborative efforts of all Occupy Movements to disseminate information and updates about police actions taken against any Occupy Movement. 10. We wish to express our support for the continuation of every city’s Occupy Movement, no matter the opposition it has faced.  

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