Notes from Occupy Kids 3-2-12

1. Review Goals:

Occupy Kids Play Date-Brainstorm Session:
City Museum
Monkey Joe’s
Chuck E Cheese
These cost a lot of money and they’re corporate places.
Family Fun Place is a family owned place in Granite City.
Science Center–Discovery Room–Susie research how many people she can get in free with her membership.
Play indoor at someone’s house. Play a board game. Need a host.
Festivals–maybe have one at Culver Way
Commons Space in basement at Culver Way
Library–Occupy Kids Story Time
The World Community Center.
Art Day–Make Posters
Occupy Kids March
Don’t make plans until after Occupy the Midwest (OMW).
Show Me No Hate Photo Shoot is happening on March 18, at Clayton High School.
When weather is nice-sculpture park
Not begging for things that cost money. Remind ourselves to try to stay away from doing things that cost money.
What does this mean to the kids? Not begging for toys, not playing a lot of video games, and not going to expensive places.
Don’t get expensive games, cameras, and video games.
Sometimes places are more expensive places than the entry fee because of all the money you end up spending.

What do you do instead? Buy from local businesses.

Play in our back yards, tag, freeze tag, hide and seek, and board games.
There are lots of free parks when the weather is nicer and there’s free museums.

How can we support local businesses?
Visit these places and do outreach. And, when we have birthday’s, buy gifts locally. Buy used books.
Once Upon a Toy.
Granite City Book Store in Granite.

What we’ve done already?
Renatus’ principle says teasing isn’t bullying. JJ says if teasing hurts, then it’s bullying.
Renauts agrees with JJ, if something hurts your feelings and breaks your heart and makes you cry it’s bullying.
Desiree, maybe his principal doesn’t really understand.
Kayla-principal says teasing is occasional and bullying is when something happens over and over again.
JJ says if it hurts it’s bullying.
JJ, you can tease with your friends and laugh, but if it hurts someone’s feelings, then apologize. Sometimes we hurt people’s feelings on accident.
Renatus-the kids at his school didn’t apologize, ever.
Desiree- they’ve instituted some anti-bullying policies at school
Kayla has a copy and will get it to Desiree. And Desiree will post on FB and bring to next meeting.
Gay bullying-Renatus called gay and beaten up. Talked about it at school in each grade. There is an anti-bullying policy in place.
JJ-let’s everyone call and compliment the principal for the program and that it’s helped
Desiree-post name and phone number and address of principal so we can do that

Westboro Protest at Clayton against Fred Phelps
Kayla-felt powerful and good protesting this
Renatus-we get them to stop and if they do it again we’ll make them stop again because the good guys always win

What else can we do?
Penny Drive–Occupy Kids make boxes and collect pennies and spare change
for buttons and t-shirts. There are unions willing to make the buttons and t-shirts, but we have to pay for it.
Ariana has a button machine.

Sell lemonade and baked goods.

OK should be in control of their own account. This is a good opportunity for them to use and enhance mathematic skills and responsibility.

Maybe even have their own savings account in the future at a credit union

Come up with another meeting time and will post it on Fb. Maybe on Saturdays. No more meetings until after OMW.

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