New Revenue For Government

Professional dancers who performed in shows must pay taxes…What is the world coming to.  Perhaps the government is really running low on their budget, and they are finding all ways to grab as much money as possible.

A professional belly dancer who performed recently for the royal personnel was actually being ordered to come out and pay 50k pounds in taxation.  You read correctly – it is 50k pounds and not 50 pence.  The judge that make this ruling felt that the belly dancing classes were of leisure rather than academic.  This ridiculous ruling comes in effect immediately.  You can read the full post here.

Audrey Cheruvier is the director for this dance school and argued that her teachings belong to sports in nature.  Her legal representatives put forth the argument (in which I fully agree) that dance is a serious sports that require systematic process and methodology.  It should then be classified as a sports and be awarded the same VAT exemption just like the tutors in the mainstream topics.

It is obvious that this judge do not dance and do not know this form of discipline sports.  If everyone professional dancers got to pay this kind of tax, then it is going to be terrible.  Dancers do not earn much to begin with (unless you are like some big stars in some big dance company). Many dancers beside performing, make their living through other small business ventures such as selling their school dance tops in order to make some extra pocket money.  Life is tough for these artist.  Does anyone have any good dance solutions to this?

If this is going to be prevalent, then the dance teachers are better off selling belly dancing dvd than teaching the actual course.  If you are reading this, then maybe you want to learn how to dance through belly dancing dvd rather than going for actual belly dancing classes.


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