How to Choose a Medical Alert System for Someone You Love

Having a medical alert system around your house can be extremely essential, especially if one of your family members is a senior and needs a little extra help in case of a medical emergency. Not only will this give you a peace of mind, but it will also make sure that the person you love is always kept safe.

There are different medical alert devices that are available on the market and of course, you get to choose from a wide range of plans for this kind of service. However, it is extremely important to follow the needs of your senior when you choose the device and the plan for it.

There are plenty of questions you need to answer before choosing a medical alert system, so let’s see how you can easily do this.

Who Is Notified

One of the questions that arises is who will be notified in case there is an emergency. Depending on where you live, you could opt for a system that has monitoring services included, or you could ask to be the person who is notified in case of emergency. However, the best choice would be to go with monitoring, because they also offer professional medical help.

The system could be connected to a call center, and a team will be send right away to the distress signal coming from the senior.

Automatic Detection Feature

Usually, the system is activated through a push of the button, but there are also newer systems on the market that can detect the falling of the person. This being the case, if the person falls and becomes unconscious, the system will still be activated even if no button was pushed and a team will be sent to the location (or the responsible person will be notified).

Some systems can detect carbon monoxide in the air or fire, and they make a distress call if this happens. It’s a newer technology but it helps save the lives of your dear ones.

Monitoring Daily Health and Daily Activities

Being able to check your senior’s health situation could come in handy, and it doesn’t matter that there’s no emergency. A monitoring device could help in keeping the track of the senior’s movements and vital signs. These items allow to have this data sent directly to the computer or to a smartphone app, so you’ll be able to know almost exactly what they have been doing – lying down or sitting, and even if there were abnormal vital signs.

You could choose for a product that offers the possibility to send all this information to the doctor’s office, and you could also have a reminder on it for notifying the senior about taking the medication at the right time of the day.

Something else that is used today is video monitoring, and you could ask for a system that offers you this option.


There are home based units that are adequate for those people who don’t leave the house so often, and here you can also have video monitoring, but there are also those mobile units that are worn around the neck – like a necklace. The home based units work within a specific range, so if you have a senior that is more active, you might think about getting the second presented option and choose a GPS enabled device.

This kind of device could be taken wherever the person goes, and it can signal a wide range of troubles in case there is the need.

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