GA Notes 5/23/12

Notes from Occupy St Louis GA, May 23, 2012

Quorum counted, 17.

Announcements: Members of the North City community have asked that the previously discussed actions be temporarily postponed, regarding fighting the closing of community centers in North City, until all information is discussed and discovered, namely which centers if any are closing.

Wildcat Strike with AT & T workers over 100 days without a contract who will walk out at noon tomorrow, hotdogs and camaraderie. The members have specifically asked for us to bring our “Occupy” and “99%” signs.Pasted from event page: Thursday 12:00pm until 1:00pm 2651 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63103 Come stand in solidarity with CWA workers working for AT&T without a contract. They will walk off the job from 12 noon to 1 PM on Thursday May 24. We are the 99%, let usshow our solidarity with the workers working without contracts and rally against Corprate greed.

Proposals: 1. Occupy St Louis declares Solidarity with victims of state repression including the “cleveland 3″, abuses and trumped up charges during NATO in Chicago, and against all victims who suffer at the hands of state sponsored repression. Solidarity with an already planned march for 9;30 pm tomorrow, May 24, beginning at Keiner Plaza, against state sponsored repression. March with (quote of proposer) “an attempt at completely avoiding confrontation with police”.

Consensus, solidarity.


2. Reminder of continued solidarity in defense of Annie Quain against US BANK and it’s predatory foreclousure of her home, including weekly protest at 9 AM in front of the US BANK at 10 N Hanley (at Forsythe) .

Consensus, solidarity.


3. That “since there is no access to the .org site” a new website be launched with two weeks notice starting immediately so that all current, past, admins have an ample chance to weigh in and be present to be involved in fixing/relaunching.

Consensus, solidarity.

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