GA Notes – 2/8/12


Arianna announces “Grow Your Own” Community Garden campaign, passed through last week’s GA, also gave Finance report and asked for volunteers to help with food for the Midwest Conference

Bradly announces Liuna Laborers interest in helping fund Occupy StL

Jay announced a call for non-perishable food and camping supplies for the conference, to be held at World Community Center; also Amanda Chasnoff found us a public space to meet during Midwest Conference

Cat L. announced Thursday Night teach-ins/movie screenings at World Community Center, also setting up a google group through events working group

Johnathan announced is offering movie screenings of Inside Job; they’re willing to provide the physical copy if someone wants to host… Tom B wants to host at Culver Way sometime soon-ish



“Bear-Bombing StL”, Occupy StL taking plush animal toys (teddy bears) to the StLPD to keep in their emergency response vehicles – in order to co-opt the violent verbage of the police with a non-violent message

Passed, Solidarity!


“Bright Line” statement of principles (see statement online) so that no one can claim Occupy StL carried out actions which Occupy StL was not involved in as a collective.

Passed with Consensus minus one – Arianna accepted amendment to present this to a second vote

Cat L

proposed a fundraiser concert/art show at the Jefferson Warehouse entertainment venue March 1st to raise money for the Midwest Conference and art supply donations for school kids

Passed, Consensus!

Cat L

Move this Saturday GA time to noon at Union Station so people can make it to Annie’s foreclosure meeting

Passed, Solidarity!

Tom B

OSL to endorse “Re-Occupy the Rust Belt” Eco-Village campaign as an initiative supported by Occupy St. Louis and Occupy StL advertise the fundraiser event on Feb 24th

Passed, Solidarity


Official Statement of Non-violence (see statement online)



Counter-proposed OSL adopt Occupy Pittsburgh’s statement of Non-violence (See Occupy Pittsburgh website) but substitute “St. Louis” for “Pittsburgh” and add “occupy participants and supporters” between “police” and “public” in point number 1. See statement online.

Passed, Solidarity – has to go to a second GA for approval




Cat L asked if we should handle the eviction of folks living in the “hole in the wall” warehouse the same as a foreclosure eviction – vibe “YES”

Point of process/information: Proposal from the 2/1/2012 GA at Legacy Books to require all statements be posted 1week in advance prior to proposal is a process change & is potentially invalidated by the previously-passed 3week moratorium on process changes

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