Finding Closest Emergency Room Houston

Emergency Service Room Houston

I am fortunate to be living in the US, and in Houston – a wonderful city of convenience and filled with business and art activities.  I moved to Houston when I was eleven from Singapore.  It is a big change for me coming from an Asian environment and from a hot and humid climate.  It took me almost 2 years to be fully comfortable with Houston and knowing my way around.  After 15 years, I still need my road directory in finding places, especially when I need the closest emergency room to me.

Emergency In Houston

I was in Houston when the event happened.  It was 2 am and I was walking back to my home after the taxi broke down while sending me back home.  Halfway into the walking, I suddenly felt dizzy and I have to stop and sit down.  I thought it was a minor issue and did not pay attention to it.  So I stood up and wanted to start walking again.  But that is when things got serious. My mind went blank and I could not see anything.  The next time I opened my eyes I was lying on the pavement.  I probably fainted for a couple of minutes.  No one was there to help me.  It was quiet and I was frightened, I felt helpless. I frantically tried looking for help but the street was quiet.  My family is away and I did not want to cause panic for them.  I took out my phone and tried to look for help.  But all the clinic I called did not pick up the phone.  It was already in the middle of the night and all of them were closed.  I needed to look for an emergency clinic near me in Houston.  But I could not find. Fortunately, I managed to find one and called them up immediately.  They asked me about my conditions and they decided that it is not safe for me to head there alone.  They dispatched an ambulance and they arrived at about 15 minutes.  They drove me to the emergency room very close to where I was.  I got to the emergency room within 15 minutes.  They gave me immediate medical treatment and I was told to lie in the room for that night.

I felt so lucky to be staying in Houston where such emergency help is readily available.  This emergency service really saves me that night.

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