OccupyMN Media disassociates editorial process with Occupy Homes MN

In a recent statement posted on the OccupyMN facebook page by the media committee members of Occupy Minneapolis they have decided to end their relationship with Occupy Homes MN. VIDEO: Statement & discussion from March 20th, 2013 OccupyMN All-Committee Meeting (14mins) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pDOW3d7riw   Their statement is as follows: Joint Statement & video of open discussion: As the content creators on the OccupyMN Facebook page & Twitter, we can no longer share a content process & resources with Occupy Homes MN effective immediately. While it is laudable to work on housing issues, we cannot reconcile a working process with this commercialized group any further. We are in a unique position where we must Block our further participation in a feedback loop of public promotion & private stipends, message shaping and fundraising. Since, unlike any other known “occupy” group, Occupy Homes MN demands cash payment for what was once an egalitarian participation process, there is no way we can resolve our differences under those terms. Many of us helped create, volunteered with and were arrested with Occupy Homes, until unethical tactics serving the goal of evolution into a profitable Non-Governmental Organization achieved dominance. We are sorry that our pages have not been able to be used to defend our friends and discuss the truth about these harmful hierarchical tactics, including censorship & banning volunteers from the listserv for speaking out. Additionally, we can not work with or accept messages that promote classist attacks on the most vulnerable in our society such as ...

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