Occupy The Midwest Attacked By Police

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St. Louis, Missouri- This weekend, Occupy Wisconsin is covering The Occupy The Midwest Regional Conference, which started sadly tonight with St. Louis Police beating peaceful protesters with batons and arresting several at an encampment for Conference participants. Arrests of Occupiers from Occupy Oklahoma and St. Louis have been confirmed. Police refused to give protesters badge numbers and were indiscriminately arresting and beating protesters who were simply exercising their First Amendment Rights! They we’re arrested for disturbing the peace and some for resisting arrests and jay walking. All they we;Occupy St. Louis has no bail fund so please help out if you can.  Update 4am Friday 0316/2012  morning 14 occupiers jailed. One having seizures in Jail. At least 2 brutality beaten by police. Confirmed Batons/Tazors and Pepper Spray on Occupiers.  More footage to come Donate to help get occupiers out at www.wepay.com/donations/198427Thank you ! Solidarity.

Watch Occupy Wisconsin’s coverage of the police abuse tonight below (Notice: This video does have swearing in it)

Watch live streaming video from occupywi at livestream.com

Admin Kellie has an Interview with Will about the events last night 03/16/2012 in ST Louis Occupier peaceable protesting. We we’re in front of what ST Louis calls the Justice Center where 14 occupiers have been jailed. Police Brutality with Batons/Tazors/Pepper Spray at least 2 occupier brutally beaten stitches .Unable to confirm yet But I am told one occupier is in a coma we do not know if the occupier is a male or female and we do not from which state  coma (waiting for conformation) http://youtu.be/TBFEjxZ2Wm4


Admin Kellie  Interview with John from Occupy STL in front of the Jail where 14 we’re arrested 2 women one in her 20′s one in her 50′s. Police used Baton’s /Pepper Spray/Tazors on the 99! MIC CHECK! MIC CHECK! Shame on you Shame on you Police!!! http://youtu.be/8dO3GTCW85w 03/16/2012 3am
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