Occupy Minneapolis General Assembly Passes New Consensus Process

On January 14, 2012, the Minneapolis General Assembly passed a proposal to adopt a 90% modified consensus process, based on a prior proposal with a friendly amendment to lengthen the process by one day in the event of unresolved blocks. The text of the proposal:

We will retain our current process in terms of hearing a proposal, having clarifying questions, concerns, and friendly amendments. We will strive for 100% consensus. If there is a block, we will hear the blocking concern, and attempts will be made to resolve the concern to the greatest extent possible.

If there is a block, and it cannot be solved via friendly amendment, we move towards a modified consensus process.

If the proposal is a non-emergency proposal, the matter is tabled until the next decision making General Assembly to allow time for further consideration of the proposal and possible friendly amendments. If consensus cannot be reached on the non-emergency proposal, with any friendly amendments, at the next GA, the matter may be voted upon regardless of new or previous blocks. The facilitation team will count how many people intend on voting on the proposal. If 90% of that group is in support of the proposal, it will pass.

If the proposal is an emergency proposal that cannot wait until the next decision making GA, the matter may be voted upon as described above without being tabled to allow further consideration. Disagreements as to whether a matter is an emergency proposal may be resolved by the facilitator.

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