January 22nd Occupy Protest To Happen On Lake Minnetonka

Health care reform groups in conjunction with Occupy Minnesota and the 99%, will construct an ice house on the ice of Lake Minnetonka behind the $7.8 million stone mansion of Stephen Hemsley, CEO of United Health Group, the largest most profiteering health insurance company in the U.S., and headquartered in Minnetonka, MN. Protesters will gather nearby at 12:30PM at Ferndale and Shoreline (see directions below) and hike along the lake to the Mansion. This protest is legal if you stay 6 feet back on the ice of Lake Minnetonka, and is kid-friendly, so bring ice skates, sled. But it is also serious protest !

Protesters will underscore the fundamental principle, that Health Care is a human right not a privilege and that, so-called reforms out of Washington were dictated by health insurance and pharmaceutical industries through lobbying dollars, campaign contributions.There will be a speak out by health practitioners, patients facing medical bankruptcy, concerned citizens, bannering, a campfire, songs/chanting and a shanty ice house drawing the stark contrast between the haves and the have-nots. An estimated 12,000 Minnesotans file for bankruptcy each year due to medical costs. One of our organizers yesterday spoke with a man who is about to lose his house, because his wife had an organ transplant and all of their money went for medical bills. But this is nothing new and will continue, despite the new federal law.

The new federal health care law, like the new banking law, is replete with loopholes, cost-shifting,lacks accountability and enforcement, allowing the huge insurance, drug and device monopolies to more firmly entrench their hold on pricing, premiums,patents and profiteering.

Stephen Hemsley is the CEO of the largest health insurance company in the United States, United Health Group, headquartered in MNTKA, Minnesota. Hemsley was paid a salary of $$101 million in 2009, with estimated $ 750 million in stock options in United Health Group. This approaches the stunning figure of $1.6 billion of Hemsley’s predecessor, William McGuire. Protesters feel that people like Hemsley are directly responsible for the health care crisis.

We continue to demand a national Medicare For All single-payer health care system and that it is time for the states and communities to take matters into their own hands through single payer reform at the state level in the form of the Minnesota Health Plan. Communities are also planning Co-op Care, forming our own cooperative health insurance pool and similar to the corporate banking situation, are asking people to divest and move their money from corporate insurers and into our own Co-op Care pool. Americans, including Minnesotans, will be forced to choose a health insurer on the ” Health Insurance Exchange” starting January 2014, when the new federal law goes into effect.

This event is sponsored by Universal Health Care Action Network of MN. www.uhcan-mn.org, 14th demonstration of United Health Group since 2005.

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