An Important Update on Bobby Hull’s Fight Against Foreclosure

February 17th was supposed to be the last day homeowner and Marine Bobby Hull’s would live in his childhood home. Thanks to hundreds of phone calls, emails, marches and civil disobedience as part of a campaign waged by Occupy Homes MN, the bank has called Bobby and have stated their intent to negotiate a modification of his loan that would keep he and his family in their home! Instead, of moving out on this day, we’ll pitch a tent and a stage in front of Bobby’s home where friends, neighbors and hundreds of supporters will celebrate that the bank has called Bobby to attempt to negotiate, and the eviction has been halted for now.

This is amazing news, but the fight is not over until they sign on to a final agreement so we need all of your support now more than ever to pressure the bank to ensure Bobby gets to stay in his home.


Here are two actions you can take to support Bobby this week:

1). Come to the Foreclosure Free Block Party (and spread the word!):
What: Join hundreds of community members to enjoy some amazing artists, great food, and the warmth and protection that only comes when neighbors stand together in unity to send a strong message to the big Banks: We will NOT be moved from our homes without a good faith negotiation and fair resolution to the foreclosure crisis.

When: Event from 4-8pm (press conference at 7pm)

Where: 3700 Block of Columbus Avenue South, Minneapolis (in and outside of Bobby’s Home)

Special Guests:

Toki Wright (DJ Set):
Grant Hart (from Husker Du):
and more!

Facebook Event (Invite friends and share!):

Event Flyer Here

More information on Bobby Hull:

2). Donate to Occupy Homes MN

As a completely volunteer run organization we count or your generous donations to allow events like this block party to happen and for us to continue growing to be able to defend more homeowners from foreclosure!


Donate with WePay
New home defense to begin Monday February 20th:

What: Occupy Homes MN will rally to defend another military veteran homeowner who has decided to stand up and fight their foreclosure in response to the 26 billion dollar settlement between the nation’s 5 largest banks and both state and federal governments. If the banks think that this settlement means they have made right the wrongs they have inflicted on our
communities, they’re sorely mistaken. We’re more committed than ever to defending people’s homes from foreclosure and demanding justice.
When: Monday, February 20th 11:30am: Carpool from the People’s Plaza
12:00pm: Set up tents and banners at the home.
12:45pm: Rally at the home
Where: Address to be released later this week (Carpool from the People’s plaza 300 6th St. S. Meet in first floor lobby)

Thank you for your support, together there is nothing we can’t achieve,
Occupy Homes MN
If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure email us at or call us at 612-460-STAY!



the views expressed in the article above are not necessarily those of the whole of Occupy Minneapolis, nor of the team managing OccupyMinneapolis.MN

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