American Spring Training March and People’s Festival

Join us Saturday, March 31st when we will be marching from Loring Park at 12:30pm, heading down Hennepin Avenue and ending at Peavey Plaza to stage a daylong occupation and “People’s Festival.” The People’s Festival will celebrate the diversity and creativity of the movement and offer an opportunity to plan for the reoccupation to take place at Loring Park and Peavey Plaza on April 7 at noon.

It is time to do some major spring cleaning. The economic and political systems of this nation and abroad have to change in order to fulfill the promises that have been made to those that hold them up. We are about to see a full revival of the ambition and perseverance that is at the core of this movement and are exhilarated with the prospect of what is to come.

The march will wake up the city and get people excited for many more actions and events that will take place during 2012. Come to celebrate the energy of the Occupy movement and help make it kick off the reoccupation strong on April 7th and beyond!

Join the march and let your voice be heard. The American Spring is upon us and we cannot let this unique moment in our history slip away!

RSVP to the Facebook event here.

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