Sponsored by the Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture Series:

Carl Finamore speaks on the Egyptian Revolution.
March 23, 6 pm
Encuentro Cinco – 33 Harrison Ave.
Carl Finamore, a leading journalist will present a first hand report about Egypt since the beginning of the revolution.

The revolution one year ago toppled the Israeli-American backed dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak.  But Mubarak has been replaced by an American-Israeli backed military dictatorship.  This regime is openly hostile to the rights of women, to the desires of youth oppositionists, and to the needs of millions of impoverished workers – all evidence the basic issues remain unresolved, just as the basic power structure remains intact.  This is the reality behind the much ballyhooed parliamentary elections – a reality that can only be changed by the removal of the military that still retain the real power in Egypt .

Can Egypt ’s youth leaders and working class create genuinely independent trade union and political organizations to halt the military counterrevolution and create a broad, democratic movement in Egypt that will be a model for the entire Middle East ?

This is the crucial challenge for the popular Egyptian movements.  It led Carl back to Egypt recently to see for himself how it is all unfolding and this is the subject of his first-hand report. As always, there will be ample time for questions and discussion from the audience.

Admission free.

Carl speaks at 6PM -You’re invited to bring your friends and neighbors! 

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