Speak Out at the State House Against Foreclosures and Evictions

Stand up against unnecessary evictions and foreclosures at this rally organized by Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL) and National Lawyers Guild.

Wednesday, January 11th
Noon - Speak-out for Justice at State House

1pm – Hearing, State House, Rm B-1

Legislative Hearing: 4 important bills written by those of us fighting Massachusetts Foreclosures!
  • Stop unnecessary evictions: The banks should have to let former home-owners pay rent unless they have a reason to evict
  • Mandatory mediation before foreclosure: Banks should have to provide someone authorized to negotiate with homeowners.
  • Judicial review: Victims of predatory home loans should have their day in court before foreclosure.
  • Banks should prove ownership before eviction: Give Housing Court power to make banks prove they own the property legally before eviction.
44,100 Massachusetts foreclosures since 2007 = 88,000 households threatened. Our state economy loses $4 billion every month! Time to say ENOUGH!
Please attend and support! For more information visit http://maapl.info/actionalerts.html


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