Proposals Passed by the 30 June 2012 General Assembly

Move GA on July 14 to SW Corridor Park

We will move GA on July 14 to SW Corridor Park at 5 p.m. following the Revolutionary Arts Festival.

Proposed by Carolyn. Passed in the consent bucket.

GA on July 10 to be devoted to decisions about future decision processes; cancel GA 7/3 and 7/7

General Assembly July 10 will be devoted to decisions about what decision-process/es we will use going forward (GA or some other format? Meeting how often and where? Do we need to create a series of meetings to address these issues? If so which and why?) We will make efforts to get as many people who have been associated with OB as possible to that meeting so that the community is well-represented.

Cancel GAs on Tuesday July 3 and Saturday July 7.

Proposed by Carolyn. Passed by consensus.

GA Minutes:

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