Present your Student Debt Story

by Joe Cugini for OB Strike Debt

Hello Occupiers and friends.

The Occupy Boston Strike debt group is holding an “Anti-Student Debt Event” at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, on Sat., April 6. There’ll be music, information, agitation– and we’d like a key part to be “True Student Debt Confessions”.. Do you have a tale about how you ended up under or unemployed and over the debt barrel? We bet a lot of you do. Would you like to get up on stage, get it off your chest and purge your needless guilt? Bring a prop or 2 if you like, such as suitcases full of dunning letters, or your “Chief Chicken Fryer” hat from KFC.

Victims of student indebtedness of all ages and classes are welcome. Send us a note and tell us your story briefly, and we’ll slot you into our program. Contact us and get all info about the event @ YOU ARE NOT A LOAN !

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