Please Join Occupy Boston’s Financial Accountability Working Group for a Community Conversation About Finances @ Tonight’s GA

The Financial Accountability Working Group (FAWG) would like the Occupy Boston community to hear FAWG’s story, to consider its history, to feel its distress, to understand its observations and concerns, to think about Occupy Boston’s relationship to FAWG and to money, and to engage in a brainstorming session to decide what’s next.

During this evening’s General Assembly at Camp Charlie, FAWG will share background information, provide current updates, and lead a community discussion. Facilitators will take notes during small group sessions and capture key ideas, issues and concerns on easel pad paper. FAWG will ask for your feedback to determine possible next steps. All the information will be made available for review on FAWG’s wiki page and in an email sent to the Community Forum email list providing those unable to be present tonight with the ability to learn what was discussed.

FAWG anticipates a follow up discussion to this initial conversation approximately one week after the information has been posted to the wiki and the Community Forum email list.

FAWG asks all Occupy Boston members to attend this very important event and to participate in this discussion. Please spread the word!

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