Organizing Training for Occupy Activists

Occ 2 Org NEW COLOR 227x300 Organizing Training for Occupy ActivistsSaturday, March 10, 2012
From 2 to 5 PM Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston Street

From Occupy to Organize: Turning General Assemblies into Popular Assemblies
Community organizing training with longtime organizers and community groups
*Organize our neighborhoods & build popular power in our communities &
- Learn lessons from popular assemblies around the world & plan together a popular assembly
- Turn public support into greater public involvement with ways to engage broader participation beyond activist circles
- Reach the 99% with organizing tools that go beyond Facebook to face to face: sharing your story, listening campaigns, door to door outreach, One on Ones & house meetings
- Connect common concerns to build bonds of solidarity & strategies to support those most impacted by economic injustice.

This is free but please register: for more information go to:

Get a sneak peek of what this training is going to be like…


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