#OccupyBoston | Daily Digest 12.21.11

Good Morning from Occupy Boston!

Stories of the Day. David Cay Johntston documents ten major companies that spend far more on lobbying than they pay in taxes, all while reaping billions in profits. And while Congress could tap these companies for revenue, it has instead decided to allow the expiration of a cut in the regressive payroll tax , leading to a sharp tax increase for working Americans. It seems only some tax cuts are worth extending. Can you tell the difference! News from Occupy Boston. A theologian at Boston College expresses his gratitude for Occupy Boston for “spurring our consciences, sparking a sense of urgency and offering a vision of alternative economic practices that promote the countercultural principle of ‘people over profits.’” Amen! Occupy Egypt. Marching in defiance of the brutal military crackdown, thousands of Egyptian women took to the streets yesterday in what historians are calling the largest women’s demonstration in modern Egyptian history, demanding justice and democracy.

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