Occupy Boston to Give $ to Occupy Cape Cod and Occupy JP

These proposals passed General Assembly on April, 21, 2012.

•  Give Occupy Cape Cod $1,000 to use as they wish directed towards their May 13th and May 20th actions.

•  Occupy Jamaica Plain requests funding, $312.00, to pay for a one-quarter page advertisement in the Jamaica Plain Gazette, to promote our participation in “Wake Up The Earth Day,” May 5, 2012.  Jamaica Plain is a community with many activists and many progressive organizations, and Wake Up The Earth Day has been an extremely popular, well attended event in the past 30 years.  We are planning an information table, children’s activities, and a small parade float built with the help of the kids on the theme of “Imagine a Neighborhood You’d like to Live In.”  We believe our involvement in this event will be an excellent opportunity to spread the word about who Occupy and Occupy JP are, what we do, and to recruit new members.

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