Occupy Boston Supports Student Summit

The following proposal passed the General Assembly of Occupy Boston on February 7, 2012:

Students Occupy Boston would like to propose a request of $250.00 in funds from Occupy Boston to help supply our upcoming student summit at Harvard University on Sunday, February 12th.

We will have nearly two dozen schools from the Boston area and beyond attending including universities and colleges as far away as Vermont and New Hampshire. This will be a large student event that is expecting over 300 participants with keynote speaker Noam Chomsky. Most of the time spent will be on uniting and organizing students into a more cohesive and effective unit that can be mobilized on a variety of scales that will seek to provide increased solidarity and support of Occupy Boston and the rest of the Occupy movement. Therefore, any monetary aid that can be provided by Occupy Boston will surely pay dividends that no monetary donation can accomplish!

Additionally, a donation box will be set up by Students Occupy Boston; funds will be spent as conservatively and transparently as possible, with receipts; and any remaining funds up to $250.00 will be returned to Occupy Boston by Tuesday, February 14th. Any amount over $250.00 will be used for future actions of Students Occupy Boston.

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