Occupy Boston Open House: Join the Movement!

On Monday, April 2, Occupy Boston will hold the first in a series of community-wide Open Houses at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul (138 Tremont St, opposite Park Street Station) from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. Guests are invited to learn more about Occupy Boston and its many working groups, caucuses, and affinity groups.

Occupy Boston is part of a movement inspired by Occupy Wall Street, which started in New York City on September 17, and is connected to similar demonstrations and occupations taking place around the world.

We are raising awareness about widespread discontent with the American economic and political systems. We are inspiring discussion and debate around economic reform, focusing on topics like economic equality, campaign finance reform, abolishing corporate personhood, transparency in government, and stopping political corruption.

Occupy Boston is not a single group with a single demand, but we feel our democratic system has been undermined by corporate and special interests. We will persist in advocating the need for change, defining the change we need, and reaching out to policy-makers, business leaders, and citizens to join us.

Come join the conversation that’s already started to shift the national dialogue!

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