Occupy Boston Day Camp starts today!

6053301501105 745x1024 Occupy Boston Day Camp starts today!





Every Saturday beginning June 9, Occupiers will be doing a day camp from Noon to 5 PM on the Boston Common.

Join us near the Park Street fountain on the patch of grass leading to the State House.

There will be the really really free market, so bring things to drop off.
There will be silk screening, bring things to silk screen.
There will materials to make signs.
There will be wi-fi.
There will be information on why we Occupy, why the banks and the 1% create the majority of the problems we face in our lives.
There will be literature on what has changed towards reforming/regulating the banks since 2008.
There will be food and also water.
There will be games and street theater.

So bring a blanket and whatever else and come join us on today on the Boston Common!

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