Occupy Boston Contributes Resources for General Strike Actions

The following proposal was passed by the General Assembly of Occupy Boston on April 12, 2012:

General Strike WG Funds Request for M1GS – 2012

General Strike WG requests $1300 funds for the May 1, 2012 day of action.
The full list of supplies needed will be on the OB website for crowd sourcing.
Receipts will be provided for all expenditures.
All unused funds will be returned to Occupy Boston.
Donations boxes will be at OB May Day actions to raise funds for OB General Fund.
The budget for food and water ($200) will be taken from the OB Food Budget.

Food and water ($200)
Medical Emergency ($200)
3 portable PA systems ($350)
Screen print supplies ($150)
Fabric ($50)
Spring clamps ($20)
Duct tape ($5)
Paint ($40)
5 clamp lights ($50)
face paint ($40)
LED tea lights ($20)
neon posterboard ($10)
glow-in-the-dark paints ($40)
6 blacklight bulbs ($25)
Labels for stickers ($40)
Sharpies/markers ($10)
Parking ($50)

Total = $1300


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