Occupy Boston Agrees to Working Group Spending Freeze

This proposal, presented by the Financial Accountability Working Group, was consented to by the General Assembly, on Thursday, 1/19/2012.

Identified Need - to address diminished revenue stream, post-Dewey Square

Because cash donations to Occupy Boston have declined, while expenses have risen, since our eviction from Dewey Square, the Financial Accountability Working Group proposes that weekly stipends be temprarily suspended, except for a $2000 set aside for Actions.*

Following completion of a 2012 budget, including an analysis of potential revenues, FAWG will bring a new proposal for working group stipends to General Assembly, on March 6, 2012.

*FAWG defines Actions to include, e.g., rallies, marches, speakouts, demonstrations, etc. Action monies are not to be spent on travel. FAWG proposes that this $2000 Action set aside become available, as soon as Occupy Boston completes five Actions, from this date forward.

Note 1: existing working group stipend policies remain in effect: up to $100 per week, receipts required.
Note 2
: this proposal will be in effect, as of 12:01 AM, on Monday, January 23.

Note 3: FAWG will notify all working groups of this consented proposal and provide a window of opportunity, to 12:00 PM, Saturday, January 22, to make a weekly stipend request.

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