OB Joins With National Lawyers Guild in Congratulating the Legal Working Group

The following proposal, brought by Kendra Moyer on her own behalf and on that of Urszula Mazny-Latos, was passed by the General Assembly of Occupy Boston on April 19, 2012:

The National Lawyers Guild Annual Guild Gala is a fundraiser that brings in a large portion of their annual budget. This year the NLG is honoring the Occupy Boston Legal Working GroupĀ  and the NLG Mass Defense Committee with the Legal Worker Award. As part of their fundraiser they sell ads in their gala program book that are messages to the honorees. I am proposing that Occupy Boston send a message of congratulations on a quarter page of the program for a donation of $250.00. The donation goes to the work that NLG does fighting for civil rights and social justice, including the defense fund. I am working for NLG at a 15% commission for funds raised. Any amount raised by me for the NLG Annual Guild Gala fundraiser will be returned to the Occupy Boston General Fund.

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