No one is Illegal! Join us Tuesday @ 4- 6 PM, JFK Federal Building

The Boston May Day Coalition is encouraging folks to join with us on Tuesday for an action organized by Boston Educators for immigration rights. The action is described below:

No One is Illegal!

Educators in Boston and beyond are standing in solidarity with their immigrant students, colleagues, and friends in the face of xenophobic, racist, and anti-immigration policies. We stand for immigration rights, for the rights of our DACA students and their parents, for TPS workers and their families, and for fair, equitable and non-discriminatory immigration policies. We stand for a safe and just environment for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Queer communities in this country. We stand against racism, colonialism, xenophobia, and discrimination and the political games played at the expense of the most vulnerable amongst us.

Tuesday, March 27
4:00 – 6:00 PM

US Immigration Courts at
JFK Federal Building
15 Sudbury Street, Boston, MA

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