New Occupy Boston General Assembly Schedule

Occupy Boston’s July 10 and July 17 General Assemblies were dedicated to answering a series of questions about how OB will make decisions in the future. Specifically: What decision-process we will use going forward? Will we keep the GA or adopt another format? How often will we meet and where? Do we need to create a series of meetings to address these issues? If so, which and why?

At the July 17 GA, Occupy Boston reached consensus on retaining the GA, but reducing the length and frequency of meetings, and adopting a new meeting schedule. There was general agreement that we needed fewer and shorter GAs and that OB needed to move past this process discussion and focus on more substantial issues.

Starting immediately, the GA will meet

  • The first and third Tuesday of each month (7-9pm, with possible extension to 9:30)
  • The second and fourth Sunday of each month, at 4pm (in Copley Square, right before SAA, which starts at 5pm)
  • When there is a 5th Tuesday, it will be open for an OB social event.

The next scheduled GA is Tuesday August 7, at 7pm (location TBD, since Shakespeare on the Common has taken the usual meeting place). Tuesday July 31 is a 5th Tuesday and available for planning an OB social event.

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