Mothers’ Day Walk for Peace

Occupy Boston’s People of Color, Anti-Oppression, and Decolonize to Liberate Working Groups all endorse the participation of Occupy Boston in the annual Mothers’ Day Walk for Peace, Sunday, May 13th. Registration starts at 7AM and the walk begins at 8:30AM from Townfield Park in Fields Corner, Dorchester.  The walk is nearly 4 miles long and is generally completed by 10AM.

This is the 16th annual Mothers’ Day Walk for Peace, organized by the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute in Dorchester.  The Peace Institute is a small grassroots, survivor-led agency that serves over 90% of the families of homicide victims in the Greater Boston area.  The Peace Institute is renowned for its crisis management services as well as empowerment of parents and siblings in the aftermath of homicide through court education and political advocacy (such as testimony given before Boston City Councilors and the Governor).  The Peace Institute is also known for their peace curriculum used in local Boston public schools, and they are beginning to become known for their new healing center using art therapy and other alternative holistic modalities such as massage and acupuncture.

Working groups are encouraged to register teams for this walk and raise some funds and/or provide volunteers as needed.   Go to to register (note that info on the walk is currently still from last year, so use the above info).  Please also remember that this is not an Occupy Boston event but one in which we are continuing humbly to build relationships with marginalized communities impacted by structural oppressions and legacies of colonialism.  Any signage used that day should be small and respectful.  The walk is open to the public and many join in from all segments, but the leaders are the families who have lost their loved ones to street violence and who have their own chants that they use as they lead the march.  Please join in with humility and respect.

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