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Occupy Boston Radio is radio for the 99%, we are producing 12 shows presently and have live broadcasting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from our studio at e5, 33 Harrison Avenue, 5th Floor in Boston.  We make out a call to support radio and e5 as it makes a transition from it’s present space.  Visit e5‘s and LIKE them on Facebook in support of a Movement supporting space!  Thank you and enjoy the listen!

3pm (EST)
Occupied Nation

Host Patrick (Boston George) will be updating Occupiers on local events,  talking about the National Gathering and exploring all the documentaries that are flowing out of the Occupy movement.  Tune-in at 4:20pm for some Indy music!

6pm (EST)
Veteran for Peace

Decorated veteran Bob Funke mixes it up with interviews and topics across the Peace movement

7pm (EST)
Occupy the Game

Join host Alex Ingram as he discusses the Olympics, the Red Sox, and Kevin Garnett coming back to town.

8pm (EST)
Pink Slime Radio

Host Matt Kaminisky explores money and the wheres, whys, and hows of it’s interplay in our lives and political states.

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